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Before 1980s, everyone was watching network television. It was broadcasted freely via radio waves. In the early 1980s cable TV was introduced and became very popular because it could offer more channels. Today, a lot of people don’t watch TV on a television set, they may use their computers. It is possible to stream television shows online using services like Netflix. There are many services, both legal and illegal used to download television shows.

Television critics write reviews on TV shows. When a show gets good reviews and high rating, it is said to be popular. Nowadays you will find less television shows that do reviews on other shows. If you would like to know about a specific television show, there are many online platforms that review television shows. For example, on Netflix there are reviews on almost every television show.

In conclusion, the modern TV world is getting more and more diversified. Cutting through all demographics. There are enough TV shows appropriate for everyone.

In this blog I will be talking all about TV, stay tuned for some awesome content

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