Effects of TV on Little Kids

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Today’s kids are exposed to TV more than before, and to a variety of programming. While some TV programs are educational and entertaining, some are outright unsuitable for your kids. And if TV viewing becomes excessive, taking most of your child’s day, it’s time to take action. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends 2 hours of TV for preschoolers and about 4 hours for the rest.

Excessive and unsupervised TV viewing affects your kids in the following ways

1. It affects their school performance
When your kids spend too much time on tv than on academic activities like reading and doing school assignments, they drop in performance. Tv also reduces your child’s attention skills, and they become inactive in class. It may also affect their communication skills, preferring to silently watch their kids taking, pretty much like they do when watching tv.

2. It causes your kids to be aggressive and violent
According to research, the average American kid will have watched about 200,000 acts of violence by the time they attain 18 years of age. This is enough to cause your child to view violence as normal and a show of brevity. And because TV programs tend to depict violence as a good thing, your child will see nothing wrong with being violent.

3. It may make them obese
This is because of the less activity involved and the snacking that goes along with it. Tv programs are also full of scenes where people eat unhealthy food, and this habit is likely to be copied by your kid.

4. It causes your kids to pick up smoking and drinking
Most TV scenes glorify smoking and drinking, that its dignified people who do it and that its cool. This leads your child to want to get into that experience, resulting in them experimenting with smoking and drinking very early in life. They may be even more likely to do drugs.

5. It introduces them to adult content
Uncensored adult scenes elicit curiosity in your kids, and they may be tempted to try it. This happens especially during the adolescent years fueled by the sex scenes that they watch every day on TV.

To avoid these negative effects of tv on your kids, limit the time they spend on the screen. Also, ensure they only watch content that has been passed as suitable for their age.