The effect of the media on individual

There’s no doubt that the influence of media is growing stronger and stronger as time passes. It affects the way we behave and think. However, it can influence us both positively and negatively depending on the way we interpret it.

Media can result in blind imitation but can also serve as a source of inspiration. Over exposure to media can overload us with information but it leads to global exchange of information. However, to most teenagers and children it may impact them negatively as they tend to make wrong choices.

If used wisely, media proves to be a boon. It is an ideal platform to air our opinions on political and social platforms. The downside however is that it can satiate the peoples’ hunger for trivial rumors. It can make the world a small village by offering us with effective means of communication.

The media exposes us to a new world that we can associate ourselves with. It is right to say that the society is shaped by the media and that the media is a reflection of the society.