Welcome to Shake The TV, To begin I have summarize a list of most of the popular TV genres and TV shows

Here is a list that shows some popular types of TV genres or TV shows.

· Children/kids – Programs produced for kids such as Doctor Who.

· Documentary – Programs that documents real life situations or events such as Life of Earth.

· Sports – Programs featuring sporting events or sports such as Super Bowl.

· Soap – Also called a Soap Opera. Fictional dramas about people’s lives such as The Bold and The Beautiful.

· Reality TV – Talent shows or Fly on the wall programs, featuring real peoples such as The X Factor.

· Drama – Fictional TV stories, featuring actors such as The Walking Dead.

· Sitcom – Also called a situational comedy. Amusing TV programs about fictional characters such as The Big Bang Theory.

· Makeover – Shows that aid individuals change their lifestyle or image such as Extreme Makeover.

· Chat show or talk show – Programs hosted by TV personalities featuring guests such as The Oprah Winfrey Show.

· Holiday or travel – Programs that feature travel reviews or popular holiday destinations such as The Travel Show.

· Lifestyle – TV programs featuring topics such as diet, fashion, and leisure, like The Gadget Show.

· Cartoon – Programs that feature animated characters such as American Dad.

· News – Shows that report world events as they happen such as BBC News.

· Cookery – Programs hosted by popular chefs, who teach viewers how to cook such as Masterchef.

· Charity – Telethons programs which aim to raise money for charity by persuading people to donate cash such as Live Aid.

· Shopping – Phone-in TV programs where people buy items such as QVC.

· Game show – TV programs featuring competitive quizzes or games such as Deal or No Deal.

· Music – TV programs featuring recorded or live music such as The BBC Proms.

· DIY – TV programs showing homeowners how to repair their houses such as DIY SOS.

· Gardening show – Programs about gardening such as The Chelsea Flower Show.

· Wildlife or animal – Programs about pets or wild animals such as Monkey Business.